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For how many years have you projected your vision

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How many years did you project your vision?

Most people fail at some point because they don’t have a clear vision of what they want.

Lack of clarity => You don’t know where you are headed => You are easily influenced by the changes around you => You are vulnerable => You give up.

The moment you quit you failed.

That’s why clarity is probably most important when you take the necessary time to sit with yourself and think about your life, what you want to do in the future, and your goals.

If your vision is clear, it will be much easier for you to overcome the difficult moments that inevitably arise and which you will consider part of your process.

I’m talking about a process that you attract once you decide what you want to do with your life.


Do you want to be successful?

First make sure you have a clear definition of what success means to you.

Don’t take success as society perceives it, take it as you perceive it.

You define success according to your life principles and the values you have.

After you’ve defined success, it’s important to understand what your main goal (or goals) is and to clearly state it.

Next comes goal setting that helps you achieve your goals.

After you set your goals, you make the plan and strategy that helps you meet the goals.

Then the most important thing: start!

Once you start, make sure you keep going and don’t lose clarity (ie know why you’re doing what you’re doing, know your purpose, know what your goals are, and follow through on plan).

Along your way, take pauses to reflect and review.

See what went well. What didn’t go well.

Here you can further improve / optimize the plan and strategy (since there are many unknown factors that you cannot control).

The secret here is adaptation.

The road can be bumpy and you have to enjoy what comes your way (new friends, new experiences, new life lessons).

With these things to keep in mind, I assure you that you will succeed.

Now let me give you an example:

We have Mihai as an example.

Mihai went through different periods in his life, good and bad.

Mihai feels that he lives from day to day and becomes depressed because he does not know what to do.

Mihai starts looking for answers.

He learns from Andrei’s newsletter about an interesting thing called “clarity”.

A light bulb lights up above Mihai’s head.

He spends time with him.

Analyze well who he is. What he likes, what he has done so far…when he felt the best, when he felt the worst.

He gets an idea of what he wants his life to look like.

Based on a series of analyses, reflections and other information that Mihai goes through on several pages, he decides on his purpose in life.

Since Mihai has always liked superheroes, he decides to become one.

In Mihai’s perception, a superhero is a person who manages to save thousands of other people.

So, Mihai decides that his goal is to save people.

How will he achieve his goal?

Mihai knows that his goal is a great one.

He feels and wants to be like that.

He understands that he can be easily discouraged by those around him.

He knows he has to become the best version of himself to achieve his goal.

He knows that there is no way to achieve this goal without having a massive impact in the lives of as many people as possible.

He understands that if he becomes a mere doctor or fireman, he will be limited to a small number of people he can save.

So he decides that the best way to help as many people as possible is to help them save themselves.

Mihai sets the following goal:

“By the year 2040, I will become the most influential person in the world with over 1 billion followers.”

With this goal and objective well defined, Mihai begins to design his own plan.

Mihai’s plan starts from a series of ideas:

“- I have to be in top shape to be confident in myself… so people will listen to me

– I need to write more books to help people with valuable information

– I need to learn more and learn the essentials to help me succeed

– I need to create a team to help me become an influential person

– I need to get as much money as possible from all possible sources (businesses, investments, donations, etc.) to be able to use it to help me reach my goal

And so on

And sets the more concrete stages:


– I am writing the first book

– I post daily on all social networks to make myself known

– I start my first business with the money saved, loans and other people’s investments



Now, after everything is clearer for Mihai, all that remains is to start and remain consistent.

Not to deviate from his path, being influenced by other people’s success.

Don’t be demotivated by the lack of results that are slow to appear, knowing that this commitment he made is one for the next 18 years.

Be confident and be patient.


I hope you liked the little story about Mihai.

I was quite inspired when I wrote 🙂

The point is that things are constantly changing and only with the help of clarity will we be able to get where we set out to be.

Happy Sunday!

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