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The first steps to an extraordinary life

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To deserve what you want in your life, you have to act. Remember that every time you don’t, there is someone out there who does. One day, that person will be your direct competitor.

The harsh truth is that people don’t act enough. And after they start acting, the saddest thing is that they give up. Give up too quickly and too easily. They go back to where they left off, then try again temporarily and give up and start over.

You can’t make progress like that. You have to decide now for the long term. Your life isn’t a TikTok post that lasts a few seconds and you skip if you don’t like something.

Michael Jackson practiced a single move in front of the mirror for 8 hours straight to get it perfect. How much time have you spent doing something of value to you?

When people don’t cope, they make up different excuses just to make themselves feel good and not take the blame. It is always the fault of the political situation, of the weather outside, of unfavorable circumstances, of X or Y. He never takes his own blame. And that’s why they don’t take control of their lives.

How many books have you read in the last year? How much longer can you stand to pay attention to a series of educational videos for several hours, read more than 2 chapters, or listen to someone attentively without being distracted or picking up the phone?

You have to learn to be in control.

In life, there are tangible things like a college degree and intangible things like a person’s passion for a certain activity. One of them you can touch, the other you can’t. It’s important to learn to cultivate the intangibles because that’s where the real value lies.

The best and most powerful lie you can hear is the one you tell yourself.

There are 2 things that will increase your value factor:

  1. To add – “inject” knowledge and wisdom into your brain. Cultivate all that is good in your mind and treat it like a garden that you take care of every day.
  2. To erase – remove ignorance. Reprogram your mind and get rid of the ignorant things we have been taught for years in schools and what we see around us.

Do you deserve it?

Every day try to go to bed a little smarter. There are no shortcuts to success. When everyone spends day after day, night after night, without financial stability, a career, a few pillars to support their lives, you take action and do what you know needs to be done. Not because others say so, but because you know deep down that this is what you really want.

The world does not respond to your needs but to what you have to offer.

The world is not yet crazy enough to reward undeserving people. You can certainly fool some people, but it won’t work forever. Every time someone lied or did various “tricks” to get rich quickly on the backs of naive people, those people lost their respect and reputation.

Some people have tangible things but intangible things don’t.

Many have degrees, certifications, and all sorts of evidence that they are good at something, but when they have to think for themselves they get lost and achieve mediocre or below-average results.

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur who makes a difference in the world?

Then put the bone to work.

The good news is that every time we work towards a goal and fulfill a purpose, the process makes us happier.

The purpose of life is a purposeful life. The purpose is given by you through your creative power.

Learn to love the journey because there is no final destination. There is always room for more, for better, and you will never be fully satisfied if you think like that.

Life is what happens to us when we are on a journey. How we feel in the present has to do with how we look at the world and the perspective we give it. You always have the power to choose between seeing things positively or negatively. You always have the control to change your mood in a millisecond, just by a decision.

Practicing gratitude, living in the present, and how you see things is all about you.

Success is a universal goal. Look at yourself in the mirror and judge yourself with raw honesty.

Find “blind spots”:

  1. You start things and don’t finish them
  2. You are always adding new things
  3. You always start over

It’s hard to find these blind spots because that’s what they’re called. But you can do it through analysis and feedback.

The Dalai Lama says there are 3 types of knowledge:

  1. The weakest is of people who only hear and read about it.
  2. The second is contemplative knowledge (when you try to understand
  3. what you begin to know)
    The third is instinctive knowledge. That is, it is already part of you and you practice it both consciously and unconsciously, out of inertia.

There is also a pessimistic way of looking at things: when people feel stuck or out of control or worse, they are so out of sorts that they bury themselves in bitterness and suffering, causing themselves ever more harm through their own thoughts, fears, and reckless actions.

You first have to change in order to see the change you want in the world.

It’s all up to you.

Just do it.

Questions for you:

1. What is your plan to get what you want out of life?

Work focused, without distraction for several hours every day. Aim for both quality and quantity, especially in social interaction work. Do not rush into the area where you can consume information endlessly, and do not under any circumstances accumulate information from the news. Reduce the consumption of fun and add it only when you feel you deserve a little balance.

2. What are the factors from 1 to 10 of recognition that you are worthy?

You have to recognize every obstacle in life to be able to face them. You have to recognize which is the right path to take. You have to know what you think you don’t know yet and get over procrastination. Sometimes we need firm recognition that we have a problem that we don’t recognize. You must also be aware that every time you want to become more aware of certain things, you will find out things that you were not aware of.

3. If you could see yourself in high school now, would you bet yourself that you would be able to get 10% of the income you are going to have?

Not. Because you weren’t independent enough to have your own opinion and possess excellent skills. You can be a dreamer or a visionary. And it’s ok to dream. It’s ok to have big and bold dreams, but you have to be aware that with them come sacrifices. What are you willing to give up to get what you really want?

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