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5 easy steps to increase productivity

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During the Covid-19 days when our liberty was a little bit restricted (for our safety of crouse), we adapted to switch from our traditional workplaces and start working from home every single day.

It was a little bit confusing in the first place, but since then, I’ve never worked in an office until the day I post this nice article which will help you to be more productive.

So, let’s dive in! Here are my 5 easy steps to increase your productivity when you work from home.

be super organized

1. Be super organized and stay professional

I know this step has 2 elements, but they are complementary to each other. What do I mean by this?

If you are living in a tiny house or apartment, it is very probable that your office is in your sleep room. Don’t worry, this is not an issue. At least you should be grateful for having a home :). In this case, you need to set some boundaries:

  • always make your bed, clean, and gather everything that is in your way
  • vent your room
  • throw the trash away
  • be minimalistic

Now you can be more focused on the right things and your productivity level will increase significantly.

plan your day

2. Plan your day. Act. Reflect.

The most important part of starting a good day and being highly productive until it ends is good planning in the morning.

This is pretty easy but many people neglect it. Here’s what I do:

  • I wake up and do my bed
  • I go to the bathroom to do the morning stuff… you know, like any other human on earth
  • I drink some water, vent my room
  • I open my laptop, a simple notepad, and start writing my tasks for that day (sometimes I write them on paper)
  • I go to the kitchen, start cooking, eating, and start working

When you are planning your day you should keep it simple. Prioritize what is the most important thing and finish that first. If there are things with the same level of priority, you have to choose between the harder one or the easiest one. Depending on how much time takes of they, sometimes I choose the hardest one, sometimes the easiest one.

You can be more specific when it comes to meetings. I like to schedule all my meetings and synchronize them with my Google Calendar. I am syncing 5 to 10 Google profiles in the same calendar, so I know exactly what I have to do and when.

I like to put notifications to remind me about upcoming events.

Very important here! As Nike says: Just do it! To be productive means actually do to things. So just do them. Stop thinking too much. Stop complaining. Make that plan. Do the work. Finish it. Then you can go and do whatever feels right for you.

Last but not least, reflect.

At the end of every day, take 5 – 10 minutes to reflect on how was your day going. That’s a good endpoint to note and improve so you can be better the next day.

get rid of distractions

3. To increase productivity, get rid of distractions

I think you guessed it. Throw away your phone. Lock it in a safe box. Sell it. Make it disappear. Your phone is the worse enemy for productivity. Of course, there are a few exceptions: when you have a second phone which you use only for work, or, when you have only one phone, and use it wisely, only for work and nothing else.

No social media. No chat notifications. No other distractions there. People can survive without you for 2-3 hours.

Also, try to get in a place where you can be 100% focused. Your bed is a distraction, so please, don’t work from your bed.

I think you have already noticed that I am referring to people who work remotely, or online. If you have a job somewhere else that needs your 100% focus, you can get rid of those specific distractions such as annoying colleagues, annoying sounds, etc.

Try to wear some good clothes, other than your pajamas. Pajamas are bad for your concentration because they are subconsciously influencing you to sleep or be relaxed and unfocused.

be faster

4. Try to be faster and more efficient in whatever you are doing

I know this may sound cliche, but in order to be productive, you need to try to increase it day by day.

Little things matter. Even the way you are moving your mouse cursor you need to be lightning fast. Stop moving it like an old grandma!

Learn and adapt yourself to be as fast as you can. But don’t forget to be also precise and efficient. Being fast is good, but when you work smart and finish your task in the right way, not the wrong one.

Even the apps you are using can help you a lot. So, try to work with simple and effective apps that help you along to do your job fast.

Buy better products. We are all using a lot of products for our work.

For me, a new laptop with a high-quality processor was primary for my work. I couldn’t do my job like I am doing right now without a powerful laptop. I can run all the apps smoothly and rapidly, without any lag or interruption.


find your own way

5. Find your own way to increase your productivity when working

You can have some good research and find 1000 good articles like mine which can give you the best advice to increase your productivity. You can check other people’s examples and try to add all those tips to your daily routine.

There is no general formula for being more productive. We are all different in many ways and we need to know ourselves better than anyone. That’s the single and most accurate way to increase our productivity in a way that can actually help us.

So, to sum up, my recommendation for you is to take 1-2-3 or how many days you need and start working on yourself.

The first step was already taken. You have read this 1000+ words article and you have (hopefully) a new perspective on how to do your things.

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