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10 rules that will change your life starting today

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1. Experiences are more important than possessions

Many people forget, do not believe, or feel that they will live indefinitely, but I remind you of one thing: we will all die someday (maybe even tomorrow).

This year I set out to travel more and experience myself, to feel, to hear, to see with my own eyes what it is like to be in other places, what kind of people they are, what kind of cultures they are, etc. I have already been to 2 countries this year and others are coming.

I was glad to meet nice people, to hear their stories, to see new perspectives and I recommend everyone to try it. It’s better than looking at others, believe me.

Material things must not be neglected. We all need a house, a vehicle for transport, etc. But don’t focus your life just on having as many material things as possible. After all, money is only a tool by which we can get what we really want: experiences.

If money weren’t a problem, what would your daily life look like?


2. Focus on the whole process

Fall in love with your own journey. Enjoy every moment, good or bad as it is:

– good moments would not feel the same if we did not know how we feel in bad moments

– bad moments are inevitable and only prepare us for what follows, it depends on how you react to them

The road to success (your success, as you perceive it) is a marathon, not a sprint.

Slow down if necessary, take breaks, and keep going.

Enjoy your moments and what comes your way.


3. Don’t neglect your health

Most of the time people tend to focus on their health only after they are faced with the fact: of diabetes, cancer, or other diseases.

Health is not just about feeling fit. It is a lifestyle that requires you to take care of both your body and your mind and soul.

In vain are you calm in soul and mind if you constantly put in you all the processed shit and hundreds of grams of sugar.

In vain do you eat healthy if you are always stressed and vulnerable?

In vain do you look good, you are strong physically and mentally strong if on the inside you feel miserable and alone.

Find a balance in each of the 3 aspects of your health.


4. Eliminates toxic relationships

Watch out for the “energy vampires”, those people who suck your energy and hold you in place or worse, pull you back.

I know it’s a more sensitive subject, but you choose what’s best for you.

A toxic relationship, be it as a couple, with a friend, an employee, or a business partner, must be eliminated if you can’t do anything about it.

5. Find your calling

Find your “ikigai” (google “ikigai”).

Find the Intersection between:

– passion

– mission

– vocation

– profession

or more simply, the intersection between:

– What I’m good at

– What I love to do

– What the world needs

– from what I can earn

6. Learn as if you depend on it

Education is a process that takes place continuously and never ends.

In life, we always learn from the experience of others and from our own experiences.

My personal development started timidly in high school and started to explode at the age of 19 and still continues today, at the age of 25.

I constantly learn by reading books, following the posts of those who motivate and inspire me on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube, watching podcasts and online courses, and of course, from my own experience and my own attempts.

Just be careful not to fall victim to consumption.

It’s good to keep learning and listening and doing as others with more experience tell you, but in the end, that piece of information that really helps you and that you really use to improve your life and business matters more.

After all, we are beings with creative abilities. Use this ability and design something unique.

Follow your passion. Be open. Be curious. Have fun.

7. Do things that need to be done

Even if it doesn’t feel right sometimes, even if you don’t have the necessary condition, you have to do what needs to be done.

Eliminate distractions.

Learn to say NO.

Focus your energy on what you need. What you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

8. Start now, optimize along the way

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Stop wasting time with every insignificant detail.

In 2020 we designed the Vincit.Ro website for the first time, in 2021 we improved it, and now it has reached a very different shape from what it was originally. I kept adding pages, changing texts, and changing visuals. And there will probably be other changes in the future.

Same with NovaConta.Ro: It’s not perfect. It still has many things that could be implemented. The important thing is that it does its job and is useful for those who use it.

I also have a video on Instagram on this topic: “Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will”

So, don’t keep thinking it’s perfect. Get started now.

9. Create something that the world really needs

I’ve wasted a lot of time in the past, developing things that no one wanted.

See if there is a need in the market. Ask for feedback. Ask for advice. Listen.

You need 3 simple things:

– people to work with

– expenses as low as possible

– creates something that customers really need

10. I leave it blank so you choose your own rule

Your own rule here.

Here’s what I’ve improved over time:

– do intense exercises at the gym for at least 1 hour, at least 3 times a week

– I minimized the amount of sugar I consume (I’m also talking about food sugar)

– I eat cooked, healthy food 3 times a day

– I hydrate constantly

– I organize my work in intense installments and with short breaks, without distractions

– take only cold showers (beneficial for circulation and lifting of immunity)

– go out / walk in nature and other forms of recreation

– I take the basic information and create, test, and optimize my own techniques and working methods

– I write down my objectives and tasks and I make sure that I fulfill them

there are others but I’d better write a book :)) (I’m kidding)

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